I’m multi-tasking this morning, blogging from my wind trainer. For those that don’t enjoy this very dull pleasure, it is a stand that allows you to ride your bicycle on the spot, in the garage, lounge room or deck. Far from exciting but it does allow you to ‘transact’ some training when otherwise you may not. That’s its function when used at home. And a very important one. Important to me at this point. On so many other levels though it adds little value to my life (those that know, know this). This morning, I’m in the garage looking at the uninspiring garage door.

My job (and passion) when I get off the bike is to help companies use (and challenge) technology in the best possible way to not only support the activities of that business, but critically to give the people the processes and information to make that business perform better. Otherwise what is the point?

Too many times I see businesses ‘ride in the garage’. They consider only the immediate transactional need. This is not bad. It’s fundamental to a good systems foundation. What is beyond this first step though? How is that system, that provider, going to give you a roadmap to move beyond the transaction?

Back on the bike. Yesterday I watched my MD take immense pleasure looking at his results from his morning ride on Strava. Strava is a current cyclists craze and I didn’t appreciate its value till yesterday. Strava goes beyond the transaction of cycling. It is business intelligence and reporting for the cyclist. A tool that can inspire improvement in a rider. It provides immediate results of that day compared to your average and personal best. Its gives ‘best practice’, other peoples results from the same ride. And it instils culture, friends watch each other and get their competitive juices flowing. The computer on the bike does the transaction. Strava takes it ‘out of the garage’.

The reality of software selection, or improvement to current, is a budget. If this is a restriction for you, it cost’s nothing to make sure the company you engage with has a roadmap and vision for you. When you are ready to report, analyse, automate, plan, change, add, grow, you will be confident the solution is already there, you only have to open the garage door.

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