What is the Natural language Q&A feature in Power BI?

The Natural language Q&A feature in Power BI allows you to type your question in the ‘Ask a question about your data’ box to quickly get answers from your data. Power BI looks for the best answers based on the dataset of your dashboard. Power BI picks the best visual to display your answer and has an inbuilt auto complete feature and suggestions for your questions. To save time and make it easier for other users, Power BI allows you to save frequently asked questions, so they are readily available for other users.


What is a good use case for the Natural language Q&A feature in Power BI?

Any day is a good day to use the Q&A feature in Power BI. Once you have your dataset configured, you can start using this feature. Using sales data as an example, we can ask:

“How many customers did we add last year?”

“What was our year on year sales growth?”

“What is total revenue?”, “Sort by month”, “versus budget scenario”

For each of these questions, Power BI will then pick the best visual to present the data result.

See it in action

In this 2-minute video, we demonstrate this feature in action, using the customer profitability sample dashboard.

We hope that you like this feature and will be using it on your own data to save time on your reporting queries. Do you need help getting started with Power BI, or maybe you have a more specific question? Talk to an expert today!

Find out more: https://www.pa.com.au/products/microsoft-power-bi/

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