I always enjoy John Jeston’s musing and articles and his recent post at BPM Trends is no different. With decades of experience and two excellent “how to” books under his belt, John has a great way of getting his message across without resorting to too much jargon and tech speak. The icing on the cake is that he is a local Aussie with a great international reputation. In this short article he explains how real world business operates from the perspective of Lego, the ever popular creativity toy.

The customer story at the end hits the nail on the head.

“At the start of a case, there was about 4-5 standard steps that were common for all of them. From this point onwards, with the exception of milestone reviews, the case workers and clinicians required a ‘system’ that had a series of ‘lego’ blocks (‘mini’ processes) that could be assembled in a unique way for each worker. They needed a menu of these lego blocks together with the ability create their own lego blocks, on-line at the time of dealing with the workers case.”

This is all about helping intelligent, highly paid, ‘white collars’ get real work done and get better at it. He could have been talking about some of our clients and what XMPro is all about. The combination of unstructured activities, in-context decision support and ‘best next action’ guidance are exactly the reasons why Gartner awarded XMPro as a cool BPM.

You can read more about Professional Advantage and XMPro here.

Getting real world processes in your business sorted out and avoiding classic ‘fails’ can be frustrating. Details of our upcoming seminar here.

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