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Trouble and growth

I’m in print. At last, it is finished. In July and August 2013 I interviewed a wide range of finance executives to research why they had implemented iPOS for SunSystems and what had motivated their spend control projects. My report is complete and I am in print!

Excel to turbo charge iPOS data entry

I have had the pleasure of being involved in the evolution of the new Excel add-on for IPOS electronic procurement for SunSystems, iPOS XL. It will be released as two components, the first release supports requisition creation and the subsequent release will support invoice creation.

Stop opening other people’s envelopes

I’m always delighted when a company says “send me the invoice”. It’s a good measure of success for both parties. But my delight turned to horror recently when I was told “Oh yes, you can email the invoice if you want, but you must also post one to the finance address.

What is iPOS Punch Out?

Punch out is the ability for a buyer to select and order goods from a supplier’s online catalogue from within the iPOS purchasing system.

Six pieces to the procurement puzzle

I have been involved in many procurement projects and heard many different methods of mastering spend control. The best advice I have always remembered and still find relevant is to consider the procurement puzzle as having six pieces.