Back in 2013 I ran some research on usage, trends, goals and intentions of purchasing and finance representatives of companies in Australia and the UK. The result of that initial research was this infographic. This led to a much greater piece of work which was an interview-based analysis of companies across a wide range of industries to uncover more specific information about the wins and gains, the lessons learnt and the areas of spend control that were likely to garner attention next. All this resulted in a fairly detailed analysis of the purchasing trends and intentions of mid-tier businesses.

iPOS infographic imageSome interesting findings included:

  • Leaders were achieving 85% or more of their supplier invoices stating a PO number whereas only 30% for laggards.
  • 50% intended to integrate their procurement system with one or more other systems in the application stack to gain better automation and cost savings.
  • Leaders had rationalised their supplier registers and were engaging preferred suppliers to drive down administration and operational costs.
  • 71% had not yet implemented an invoice scanning solution and were considering doing so in the coming 12-18 months.


Does any of this sound like you and your organisation?

This year I have decided to run a sentiment analysis, a short and sweet survey of where people are now, what areas of improvement they have focussed on in the last 12 to 18 months and what they may turn their minds to in the next year or so.

Why not take part in this survey this year and be part of the results. It will only take 5 minutes of your time and like all research, the more the merrier.

The information collected is completely anonymous and no information will be used or displayed in a way to enable the identity of the organisation or respondent to be determined. Click here.
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