Typical daily office work includes manual steps, software applications, expert knowledge and sometimes even company lore. Keeping things on track and compliant with your quality and service goals can be challenging. We all move at a pace that can be hard to sustain when changes in people, processes and systems happen. People need help when change is afoot and it doesn’t have to be as dreadful as death and taxes.



It is almost impossible to avoid the implementation of a new business application or process these days. Most companies have a range of improvement projects underway at any time. How do you help people learn the new way of doing things? How do you keep them advised as updates occur? How confident are they if the training was too long ago? A key measure for success of change is user adoption and most people need more assistance than an introductory training session.


New starters

Onboarding new team members can be a stressful time for all. The newbie is striving to take on the job and learn a lot of things in a short period of time. The people around them are regularly interrupted to help out, get things back on track and unwind where things have gone wrong. The more a new starter can self-help through the systems and process, the less stress and disruption they cause around them.


Changing roles

As people move into new roles how good is the job handover? How well are they prepared for the exceptions as well as the norm? What if they are taking on responsibilities without any coverage from the last person? How do they get a grip on the broader process when previously they only had remit for a part of it? Helping people be successful in their new role brings great satisfaction for the individual and a faster time to revenue for the business.


While I’m away

When people are away from their jobs, how do others get their work done? How easily can their colleagues step into that role and pick up those tasks? How do they know if they are doing things correctly? Enabling peers and cohorts to pick up other people’s tasks midway and complete them successfully keeps the business moving safely.


The PerformancePlus performance support platform provides your people with learning and guidance on how to properly use the company software applications to do their jobs correctly in the moment of need. It is an easy to deploy job aid system that can help every single person do their best every time. It puts answers to everyone’s “how do I” questions right in their hands at the exact moment that they need to know. This in-the-moment experience takes a lot of the stress out of getting things done every day regardless of how inexperienced or irregular your team is.


People change with friction. Help smooth the way.

People join the team. Help them get up to speed.

People change roles. Help them succeed.

People take leave. Help others step in.

Make your people happier by helping them be the best they can be.


You can read more about Professional Advantage and PerformancePlus here.
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