Inactivity on a connection is when the Business Central client is not sending messages to the Business Central Server.

What happens if the session is still active when the Business Central Server tries to close it?

  • The server stops any executing threads when the next statement is to be executed, and the current call stack is aborted so any uncommitted transactions will be rolled back.
  • The server cancels any call-backs to the client (similar to waiting for the response to a Confirm dialog).
  • The session is closed, and then removed from the Active Session table.

If you have experienced this, here are some tips to improve your Business Central performance during these instances:

  • Choosing a desktop browser.
  • Choosing a network connection.
  • Keep powered up.
  • Making pages load faster.
  • Agility of navigating and entering data.
  • Attaching pictures and other files.
  • Understanding session time outs

You can find out more about ‘Session Timeout Setting and Configuration’ direct from Microsoft here.

Some examples of the errors you might encounter include:

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