For a couple of years now Infor have been investing a lot of time and effort on the user experience for their applications. The corporate vision from the CEO, Charles Phillips, down is for a consumer grade interface for business grade applications. “To make business applications beautiful.” And why not? The wonderful thing about this century’s break-out consumer apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Angry Birds and the like is the ability for people to just pick them up and use them. No training required. This is the Infor mission, to bring business apps to market that not only deliver compelling and efficient enterprise outcomes, but to also make them easy, pleasant, if not downright enjoyable, to use.

Infor’s determination was such that in early 2013 they purchased a New York creative design agency, Hook and Loop, and put them to work designing the ultimate user interface for business applications.  In a relatively short period of time we have started to see the result of this commitment and in my opinion they have done a tremendous job with the latest iteration of Infor Ming.le. There is a cleanness and lightness in screen design that makes many other enterprise business applications look uninviting.

Infor Ming.le is part of the Infor10 platform and is compatible with Infor SunSystems v6.

Mingle home page w ION activity from SunSystems

Infor Ming.le acts as a launchpad to present the user the transactional application screens along with social collaboration, alerts, tasks and contextual BI in an attractive clean-lined design. As you move through your daily work the system reacts to your current activity and offers you relevant and associated information  ‘in the moment’.

For example, when dealing with a customer, Infor Ming.le could show you their stock price, current DSO (days sales outstanding) or last five invoices. When dealing with a supplier, maybe it is their DIFOT rating (deliveries in full on time) or todays expected deliveries. For a project; a top line budget vs actual analysis. The bank account; cash in hand or date of last statement reconciliation. You decide what is relevant for this activity for each role or user, the system then displays the latest information to hand.

Another key information feed may be what is happening elsewhere in the business, even happening in other applications. Workflow tasks allocated to the user can be displayed in Infor Ming.le and may even have a click-through link to take them to the task. Notifications and alerts of general business activity can roll past almost like a stock ticker, invoice generated for this client, delivery received for that client, this project has hit 80% of budget, your purchase request has been approved.

An extension of the data feed is the ability for casual conversations between colleagues that would normally happen by email or telephone, both very unstructured and opaque communication channels. There are plenty of standalone options for this, such as Yammer and Socialcast, however the social component of Infor Ming.le takes a similar approach to that of XMPro. The ‘chat’ can be captured in context with specific data, or a task or activity and speeds up comprehension, response and issue resolution. This linked conversation can form part of the reportable and auditable process.

So in one craftily designed screen, a business person can do their daily work with an array of helpful inputs immediately to hand from many different sources without having to go looking for it. It’s easy to use, pretty self-explanatory and looks good too. Well done Infor and Hook and Loop. You can see a video of Infor Ming.le in action here.

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You can read more about Professional Advantage and SunSystems here.
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