This week we have been running our Infor SunSystems roadmap executive briefings. It’s great to gather friends old and new together and showcase the options and the resulting business benefits available.

For some years now Infor has been supporting three parallel versions of their excellent and redoubtable financial management system, SunSystems. SunSystems v4 is nearly 30 years old now and yet still a trusted and reliable application. Does it do the job? Absolutely. But it’s a bit like some of the 70s architecture around town. Solid, functional, dependable and brutal in design!

In 2001 Infor released SunSystems v5. This was a great leap forward in user interface and tackled the issues of the day such as IFRS and Sarbanes Oxley compliance while still delivering that favoured and proven chart of accounts flexibility and easy self-service reporting.

Twenty four months ago Infor released SunSystems v6. There is a lightness in the user interface, a style that builds upon the substance of the system, which makes this version an easy choice for new clients and those on the upgrade path.

SunSystems v6.2 is in imminent release and this brings a new and exciting major enhancement, Extended Analysis. This is clever extension of the long standing flexibility of the original A-code and T-code design that made SunSystems the finance system of choice for many financial and corporate services, charities, not for profits, membership organisations & associations and government entities (‘people who do not make’ is how I describe it). Extended Analysis will add amazing accounting flexibility and reporting to the extent that smart on-the-fly coding of transactions will deliver unparalleled real-time reporting analysis.

The other important element of SunSystems v6 is its role as the gateway into the overarching Infor technology platform. Infor ION brings a middleware layer that encompasses system-to-system integration, inter-system workflow controls and master data management. Infor Ming.Le brings a 21st century user interface, a consumer grade app that combines the transactional with the social; traffics casual alerts, must-do activities and in-context analysis that helps people make better decisions in the moment. Infor Motion delivers it all up in a stylish and familiar Apple iPad app (Android to come). SunSystems v6 is the window to this excellent business technology platform.

Over the years I have seen a number of business applications develop almost cult-like followings. SunSystems is one of those applications. Those people appreciate the flexible simplicity that allows tracking of every transaction down to the cost centre level without the inherent effort and risk of sub-ledger reconciliations. SunSystems v6.2 is an exciting release, one I predict will be a popular iteration of this long standing, proven and now beautiful financial management system.

As part of the evolution of v6, Infor has announced the end-of-financial life for SunSystems v5. This is not a surprise or something to upset the market. SunSystems v5 was first released in 2001 and although it continues to be fully fit for purpose, it is based on 14 year old design and technology foundations. It makes no sense to maintain three parallel iterations of the product. V6 is the natural progression for all v5 clients. “End of financial life” means just that. As of 31 May 2014 it will not be possible to purchase any additional licenses of v5. Operationally v5 will continue, nothing will cease to work. Infor and its reseller partners such as Professional Advantage will continue to support the product. However any organisation still using v5 has a decision to make. “Do we need any further licensing of SunSystems v5 before we upgrade to v6?” If the answer to that question is “yes” then the order must be placed before 31st May 2014 as no financial licenses orders can be processed after that date.

This end of financial life does not impact SunSystems v4.


You can read more about Professional Advantage and Infor SunSystems here.
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