Donors form the lifeline for not for profit (NFP) organisations. Hence, donor management becomes a vital and core competency of NFPs. The better an organisation can understand and interact with their donors the more stable and successful the NFP will become.

This is where technology can play its part. Take a look at Upbeat. It is a module build upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM, designed specifically to cater for the needs of membership based organisations and includes functionality for donor management.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solid foundation for collating, managing and working with the various threads that make up an organisation’s relationships. But Upbeat takes this a step further, by helping the NFP hone in on donor management. Donors form a very special niche within the broad categories of an organisation’s contact list. The ability to work with donors as a separate segment of ‘contacts’ enables the NFP to better understand and nurture these precious relationships.

The reasons why donors give are many and varied. However, like any relationship it cannot be taken for granted, and all NFPs are competing to gain and retain the support of donors. When an NFP uses Upbeat, they begin the process of automatically cataloguing their interactions with various donors. Through the systematic capture of these interactions, Upbeat builds a history and profile. The analysis tools within Upbeat allow the organisation to mine this data and surface points for action. Furthermore, workflow tools and automated alerts prompt activity to be taken by staff that is tailored to the donor process.

Upbeat helps NFP organisations make connections between different activities such as participation, fundraising, volunteering, grants, merchandising, promotions, and more. Monitoring the various levels and frequency of interactions can give the organisation a better insight into the interests and likely behaviour of their donors.

Sir Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power”. Hence, increasing knowledge, particularly over such an important sector as donors can help an NFP increase its ability to execute. Upbeat provides the repository to capture and create a sophisticated knowledgebase, which in turn empowers the NFP to take better tactical actions and improve their strategic standing.

If you are an NFP looking to serve the needs and interests of your community through the support of donors, I encourage you to review Upbeat and see what it has in store for you.

You can read more about Professional Advantage and Upbeat here.

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