Implementing business intelligence (BI) solutions into retail organisations is something that Professional Advantage has done for many years.  In many cases we’ve deployed solutions to help retail analytics (RA) and merchandise planning (MP).

Here are quotes from four customers about their experiences.

“We were able to integrate four previous systems into Retail Analytics (RA) giving us a single view of our sales and inventory for our stores and other businesses.  This has eliminated duplicate entry of data and discrepancies among multiple systems. We have been using Retail Analytics for over two years and highly recommend it to other retailers.”
Richard Simms
Senior VP and GM Lehigh, Rocky Brands

“We have been using RAMP for three years and love the Retail Analytics (RA) reports. We use these reports to run our business. Merchandise Planning (MP) has improved our sales over time by suggesting the right products to stock based on sales history.
Pat Jagos
General Manager, Fascinations

“The reporting features in Retail Analytics (RA) are easy to use due to my familiarity with Microsoft Excel. Merchandise Planning (MP) gives us the flexibility we need to control our inventory which has helped us increase our bottom line.  With that being said, RAMP has paid for itself by saving us time on reports and helping keep the right items in stock and increasing our overall stock turn.”
John Brooks
Chief Operating Officer, Capitol Nutrition

Since introducing the replenishment system, our stock control has dramatically increased… The replenishment system has greatly improved efficiency at stores and turnover is up. In fact, in the three years since the replenishment system was developed sales have increased by approximately 10% a year.
Mick Tan
IT Manager, Beacon Lighting

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