I often use this quote from Daniel O’Connell, Research Director at Gartner, on user adoption:

“End-user adoption of new technology is frequently the key roadblock to an implementation’s success and also the most critical factor for generating return on investment.”

“Adoption of new technology is frequently the key roadblock”. Let’s have a think about that for a minute. “Frequently the key roadblock”.

This is a huge statement. We can have any number of issues and roadblocks that can affect our work. Projects and implementations can take a lot of forms, and the issues they suffer are many and varied. However Gartner has seen to fit to declare end user adoption a “key roadblock”, with the impact on productivity, ROI, staff engagement all working together to conspire to crush even the most successful of projects. So, it might not matter how well you have done, how many tough decisions have been made, or how many critical path issues have been resolved. If your team are not engaged then they are not learning, they are not retaining any of the training they had, and they are losing any benefits of added technology or functionality through loss of productivity.

By extension of the statement from Gartner then, user adoption is critical to the success of any project, and we should be mindful of this from the beginning. Performance support is the technology, PerformancePlus is the tool that we are using at Professional Advantage to eradicate this issue for our clients. PerformancePlus allows us to create and maintain documentation and support materials we are going to use to reinforce all of the lessons and training our clients have. By providing such a strong and simple delivery mechanism, we are giving our clients the support or assistance they need, when they need it, with two clicks of their mouse. It is this constant, consistent provision of support material that will help our clients to realise a greater return on investment, higher levels of productivity and staff engagement

Performance support is the way to ensure the investments that you are making in your system, your people and your training are protected. Performance support will help create the high performance work place that you know you can achieve. You just need the right tools.


You can read more about Professional Advantage and PerformancePlus here.

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