Professional Advantage implements and services a business process management (BPM) solution from XMPro. I am very proud of the value that our company brings to organisations where we implement XMPro. But can I easily explain what XMPro does for an organisation to a CEO who is not a black belt, triple degree BPM expert? No. There have been times when I offer a great explanation and by looking at the faces, I know I have just managed to, simultaneously, mangle the explanation and the English language. Most fathers of teenage daughters would have experienced the same feeling when, after sharing all the reasons why not, you know there is no agreement and in fact, you are on separate planets. And in the case of the daughter, you issue the “because I say so” logic and you know the smarter thing to do would be to just stop talking. You would have thought I would be more practised than most at simple language and know when to shut up as I have three daughters but alas no.

Back to explaining the awesome benefits that will accrue to you once you just let me explain XMPro. I have the good fortune to belong to a group of fellow CEOs (TEC3). We meet monthly; it is an environment where your peers will not let you hide nor polish the truth. I used this group as guinea pigs and have been able to improve the message about XMPro but, in their correct opinion, it was still clumsy. At my last attempt a friend suggested that he had 50km to hear me work on and improve my communication.  Let me explain. A group of us from TEC3 do an annual weekend walk and this coming weekend we are off on a 50km hike along the Great North Walk, a lovely bush walk just north of Sydney. So I have 50 km to get feedback and suggestions for improvement.

I could say that XMPro is a BPM platform that caters for planned and unplanned events, adaptive case management, inflight analytics, social collaboration, process analytics, process mining and offers device independence. Further, the advantage of its deployment model ensures if citizen development is embraced, that development is within guardrails. XMPro has some excellent use cases, showcasing the internet of business things, its use in the oil industry and service-based organisations. We help people work smarter.

At other times, I have tried to make my point by illustrating customer use cases. An example is a blog from my colleague, Neil Richardson, discussing the governance processes of certifying staff people for health and safety reasons. I am actually sometimes left wondering if I was of any assistance.

Fifty kilometres is a long walk and I know my fellow walkers, Al, Ed, Rolf, Craig and Derek, will just throw my attempts at gobbledygook back at me.  It needs to be a whole lot clearer otherwise the 50km will be a whole lot longer and harder for me.

So today is the day that I need to become clearer and understood.

“What is XMPro?”

XMPro is a platform utilising intelligent web forms and workflow to improve your business processes.

At the end of 50km through the hot Australian bush I will be in no doubt if this flies or not. As they say ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions.’ I love feedback but am adverse to big breakfasts. Hopefully my next post will be about how well the walk went and my fellow walkers now get XMPro.

You can read more about Professional Advantage and XMPro here.

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  1. Steve, first of all, good luck with the walk. Secondly, good luck to your fellow walkers for listening to you for 50kms.

    Calling it “web forms and intelligent workflows” is an oversimplification of something that does a lot more. It like saying you have a pen knife on the walk when you really have a Swiss army knife. It can be a penknife when you need it to be, but it gives you a lot more options from a single tool. It doesn’t only cut with 3 different types of blades, but it also has a corkscrew or bottle opener for the cold one after the long walk. Some even has a built in stitching needle or file. You would much rather be walking with the Swiss army knife than the single blade penknife.

    XMPro is a smart process portal that can do workflow with smart forms. But rather than just addressing workflow, it also handles processes where you don’t know the flow in advance, or processes that needs to adapt on a case-by case basis. It also provides decision support when the flow path is not defined and allows for discussions and conversation to be part of doing work(flow). It is the Swiss army knife for business processes and you’d much rather take that on your business journey than an intelligent workflow with smart forms.

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