Content Management and Team Collaboration

Top Questions about Microsoft Teams

31 MAY 2022 - 6 MINS READ

Are you new to Microsoft Teams? Do you have questions about it that need quick answers? If you missed our webinar on how to enable modern collaboration...

Planning a file share to SharePoint Online content migration

19 APRIL 2022 - 6 MINS READ

In the past few years there has been a major uptake in organisations opting to migrate their content from on-premises locations, such as SharePoint or...

Viva Connections: your personalised communication gateway


Do you find it more challenging to connect with your people now that your organisation has adopted remote working? Has it become harder for your...

Build a Corporate Knowledge House

29 JUNE 2021 - 7 MINS READ

Discover a practical approach to utilising Microsoft Viva Topics to build a corporate powerhouse.This guest post was originally published on Tech Huddle blog site, written...

Build a Corporate Knowledge Base with Microsoft Viva

22 JUNE 2021 - 7 MINS READ

An overview of how Microsoft Viva can help your corporate knowledge base.This guest post was originally published on Tech Huddle blog site, written by Asish Padhy, Senior...

How to drive intranet end user adoption

1 JUNE 2021 - 5 MINS READ

Many intranet projects introduce too many drastic changes quickly. With so many new places to find and store information, new tools and devices to learn,...

Get to know Microsoft Viva: an employee experience platform

27 APRIL 2021 - 2 MINS READ

Microsoft has recently unveiled its digital employee experience platform. Called Microsoft Viva, it brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights all in an integrated...

Simple ways to improve your SharePoint Intranet

30 MARCH 2021 - 7 MINS READ

Microsoft SharePoint has been an excellent platform for communications, corporate Intranet, document management, knowledgebase, records management, automated workflows, and business processes, among others. However, some...

7 reasons why ready-made intranet packages are perfect for SMEs


We have been working in the SharePoint space for almost 20 years now and have worked with a number of organisations both big and small....

Renovate your Information Architecture

25 AUGUST 2020 - 6 MINS READ

Information Architecture (IA) is the structural framework underpinning your document and content management system. Just like the scaffolding to your house, it is imperative to...

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