We were in a competitive situation with a Fortune 10 company recently and I can happily report that XMPro was selected. This was a keenly sought after customer so there were definitely some determined contenders, who after our contract was signed, went to see the customer. When told that the decision was to partner with XMPro, the account manager blurted “Who on earth is XMPro?”

There must have been a level of frustration that day from the account manager. The response is perfectly understandable. Nonetheless, XMPro has, in the past year, signed two master supply agreements with Fortune 10 companies. This is not a surprise to us as XMPro is smart software serviced by very committed teams. We need to be, as we are not as huge as our competitors. However in my opinion, the benefit we have is that we are not legacy business process management (BPM) software, but rather software built for intelligent business operations (iBOS).

We excel and come into our own when we deal with the operations of the organisation that makes the money. We look at the investments our customers make in XMPro projects and we categorise the impact and the critical to quality factors as impacting one of:

  1. revenue
  2. capex avoidance
  3. opex avoidance
  4. compliance

We, as with all our competitors, have many examples where we have digitized a paper form or boasted how we have improved compliance. Does that really change the customer’s world in a truly competitive sense? Or as my colleague Pieter van Schalkwyk says, ‘All very noble and needed project goals, but hardly setting the world alight.’ However as XMPro is an iBOS system, it spans further and addresses the operational aspects, too. You can see from the diagram our processes can be triggered by an array of events. We describe these activities in the framework of sense, decide and act. This makes us one of only a handful.

XMPro iPOS - intelligent business operations suite 

For our customers we think it is important that there is a contrast between iBOS and BPM. BPM is a fine fit for a defined problem. However in our experience, BPM runs out of steam when end users need more power and flexibility in dealing with an organisation’s operational issues. As my mother would say, “Life is messy. Deal with it”. And now you can with XMPro.

XMPro is one of a few new breeds that address operational issues in an organisation. It is still a BPM product but it is so much more than BPM that we refer to it as an intelligent business operational system (iBOS). An iBOS system must deliver on the BPM functionality but needs to embrace the wider environment of operational systems.

Back to the frustrated account manager. They were from a very large IT company that delivers solutions around the world to large and very large organisations. They had apparently assumed that the customer organisation would only deal with businesses like itself. But this organisation was looking to address protracted problems, which the size of the supplier was not necessarily the main guarantee of success. Or, to put it differently, I suspect they were not able to see that improvements that delivered revenue impacts and cost avoidance were more important than their sense of entitlement. I mean not “upstarts that addressed key operational pain points that a customer could have.” For us it will always only be about the customer.


This blog is published with permission from xmpro.com

You can read more about Professional Advantage and XMPro here.
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