In my first blog post, I discussed the failure of many businesses to address the opportunity for improvement, and the impact of poor budgeting on a business. Every year, I see transformational projects get put off because of lack of mind share, not due to lack of wallet share or business case. Businesses look up and it’s all too late as they run into a hectic schedule of budget preparation and financial year ends. I provided some get out of jail tips to avoid Groundhog Day and this happening yet again in 2017. It’s important to understand where your business is on the journey of improvement. In this blog, I highlight how Professional Advantage can help kick start and finish the job.

Build awareness

It’s staggering, but conventional, underperforming technology often gets replaced by conventional, underperforming technology. Let’s not diminish the need to know what the problem is, but often the solution is framed by what the business or industry is used to. Some technology goes hand in hand with a modern evolving business, whether its integrated business planning, output and driver based budgeting, rolling forecasts, integrated decision support, collaborative planning, the nexus of mobile, or cloud and the paperless office. We have businesses that refer to their budgeting technology as the ‘well of truth’ for every day decision support and planning, so build your awareness of the possibilities. We can share white papers and reference examples, and show you what is possible. We understand that you are early on in the journey, but just ask us how and feel better informed to develop your business case.

Consider the options

Discover how our powerful budgeting, forecasting and planning solutions can take your business performance to the next level in 2017. Professional Advantage is a solution provider with options. We have a number of world class technologies for a reason. If you already have a selection process, we can provide you with an excellent alternative to consider, a game changer. Challenge all your vendor choices to a proof of concept (POC). A properly executed POC can separate the right solution from the chaff and ensure ultimate project success.

Make a decision and plan for improvement

If you’ve made your selection, then start a project with optimal efficiency and velocity to ensure your business is ready for the change. An analysis and scoping can hone requirements, methodologies, pin down technology options, and crystallise an investment and resource plan for improvement. A few days of your key stakeholder’s time this year can ensure you have a sense of purpose. Want to make the most of 2017? Throw down the gauntlet now and contact us!

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