Many businesses are either still in their annual budgeting process, or have just finished and are taking a breath. It is often a long, arduous and heavily manual process, typically unloved by the business. It is not just inefficient, but as Stuart Harman, seasoned pratitioner from Oliver Wight Asia Pacific, reminds us, it is often disintegrated from the other core planning processes within the business. The impact of that is to deliver an ineffective result.

At Professional Advantage, we recognise the importance of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and have been working with Stuart Harman of Oliver Wight Asia Pacific to highlight the key features. As part of an eight-piece video series on the topic, we introduce the video: Key problems with the annual budgeting process. 

Take the time to watch the video, and indeed some of those in the series we have shared to date – see below for links. These include insights into working collaboratively, the lead time to effective change for planning, and an interview of Integrated Business Planning as a strong foundation to significant improvement.



Professional Advantage, Stuart Harman of Oliver Wight Asia Pacific, and Integrated Business Planning video series:

IBP in a Nutshell Video
Lead Time for Effective Change Video
A Game for all the Family Video

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