3 signs you aren’t getting the most from your SunSystems investment


Raise your hand if you’re an Infor SunSystems customer. Keep it raised if you’re 100% confident that your organisation is getting the most value from its SunSystems investment.

Is your hand still up?

While most organisations understand SunSystems’ key finance functions, many are still in the dark when it comes to its other capabilities. In fact, you could be sitting on an extremely comprehensive reporting, analytical, budgeting and planning tool and potentially not using it.

Here are three signs that your SunSystems investment could be working harder to improve your organisation’s transparency and performance.

1. You aren’t using SunSystems for analytics or reporting

Have you been thinking about using dashboards, mobile, web-based and self-service analytics to cover business requirements for reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning? As a SunSystems customer, you probably already have the technology. You just need to configure it.

Historically, new SunSystems customers have been offered a suite of modules known as eXFM (extended financial management). These modules include Accounting, Fixed Assets, Corporate Allocations, Infor Business Intelligence, Q&A Exec, Excel and Word.

We’ve seen that most new SunSystems customers prefer to focus on getting the finance function and processes right before they move on to better reporting and analysis. Unfortunately, however, many time-poor managers never get around to using these tools. As staff and management inevitably change, the knowledge and awareness of these modules are lost.

2. SunSystems access is limited to your organisation’s finance departmentAs a financial system, it’s not surprising that SunSystems is generally most widely used by an organisation’s finance department. But with the right modules, such as Infor BI, SunSystems can also become a valuable resource for non-financial users.

Infor BI has come a long way with its functional ability and licensing. It is a module that makes SunSystems attractive to all business users who wish to access financial and non-financial information in a mobile, self-service, dashboard way. Thinking beyond standard variance reports is achievable with Infor BI.

You can still get all the benefits from your Infor BI product, including access to critical business information, self-service dashboards and flexible budgeting and forecasting.

3. You know you need reporting and analytics, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the hassle

We get it. You have better things to do than worry about systems going down, or managing a new software implementation. That’s why Professional Advantage has designed a corporate-wide Infor BI starter pack that can be implemented in less than ten days.

The starter pack uses your current SunSystems chart of accounts and analysis structures to provide:

  • reporting, analysis, comparatives and budget templates for P&L and balance sheet for all analysis combinations
  • analyser toolkit
  • dashboards, self-service
  • data wizards for auto forecasting and new budget versions
  • version and process controls allow users access to specific parts/versions of budgets and plans.

 Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash more value from your system and action now for a better performing business.

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