Infor SunSystems and Solver


What do you do if you have migrated to another ERP platform but require your data from Infor SunSystems to be accessible for an indeterminate amount of time?

That was the dilemma one of our clients was facing as they have a constitution to keep and have possible access to data that goes back 20+ years.

As it happens Professional Advantage (PA) has the perfect answer for this with a platform from Solver, a data warehouse built in Microsoft Azure, with inbuilt connectors to many ERP systems. In this client instance, PA built the SunSystems connector.

The result is that the client can have their new ERP data in a Solver data warehouse for financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting whilst having the benefit of 20+ years of data sitting in the same data warehouse for archived reporting.

Problem solved? Not quite: as Solver can take multiple data sources into the warehouse, this client wanted to bring in data from MYOB, payroll, and HR solutions. Now we have the complete environment.

So what is Solver?

Faster and better decision-making is the key driver of your organisation’s growth and success. With all important financial and operational data easily accessible in a single solution, managers can quickly access the information they need to analyse past performances and make better predictions about future results and opportunities. Solver is a new category of cloud-based reporting and planning solutions. Built for the modern business team, Solver enables better informed business decisions with greater speed. End users are in the driver’s seat with direct and secure self-service access to the information that grows the business.

Your unique reporting and planning needs are powered by the most flexible report and budget form designer on the market. With the Solver cloud platform, companies break free from their manual and error-prone Excel models and automate financial reporting, consolidation, analysis, budgeting, and forecasting processes. Solver empowers you with complete insight that drives intelligent decisions and delivers a competitive advantage.

  • Cloud software, support, and upgrades packaged into a subscription price providing unmatched ROI over traditional CPM solutions.
  • Built for business users to manage the entire solution without the need for developers.
  • Financial and operational data from across the organisation that is easily accessible in ONE place with Solver’s intelligent data warehouse.
  • Solver’s multi-tenant cloud application provides quick initiation, SOC 2 compliance, automatic software upgrades, and scalability at one’s convenience.
  • Solver provides the power and the familiarity of cloud-connected Excel to solve the most complex formula and layout requirements for reporting and planning template designers.
  • Easy-to-use, pre-built integration to Power BI, the world’s number one visualisation solution.
  • Fast and cost-effective integrations provided with Solver’s wizard-driven CSV, SQL, and prebuilt ERP/CRM Connectors.
  • Unlimited access to reports and dashboards from secure web portal.

For more information about how Solver can enhance your Infor SunSystems solution, reach out to our expert team.

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