Reasons enterprises are moving their Infor SunSystems to the cloud


Many organisations have moved their business applications to the cloud—from customer relationship management, HR and payroll systems, to collaboration and file sharing. We also increasingly see an uptake on customers moving their core operational applications like ERP, to the cloud, and it’s not surprising due to the many benefits it provides.

For existing Infor SunSystems deployments, there are many forces driving migrations to the cloud and it’s not simply that on-premise infrastructure is costly to maintain. Information risk, compliance, security, flexibility, availability, service levels, user productivity, and overarching IT strategy are all considerations for the modern Board of Directors and C-level executives. These considerations are no longer simple decisions that rest with the IT department.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform offers a modern, secure, compliant and flexible environment for your Infor SunSystems application. Here are some of the reasons why many enterprises are moving their Infor SunSystems environment to Microsoft’s Azure platform:

Scale up or down as demand requires

Storage capacity, usage and bandwidth are just some of the areas that the cloud can help you scale quickly for unexpected rapid growth; whereas on-premise systems will require you to purchase extra servers or equipment in order to increase usage. Moving your SunSystems environment to Microsoft Azure provides you with the flexibility to scale up or down depending on your business’ demands—immediately, economically and without complexityYou can simply add resources by paying more for your subscription or scale back down for seasonal needs.  

Easily enable Disaster Recovery with geo-replication

In the event of hardware failure, network disruption, power outages or natural disasters, it would be crucial to have a backup of your critical business data. Azure’s Disaster Recovery is enabled with active geo-replication, a feature designed to allow you to get access to a secondary database either in the same or different data centre locationThat’s the kind of peace of mind that Azure’s flexible service can provide for youSunSystems platform and dataYou can read more about Azure geo-replication and how it works here.

Improve security and compliance

Your Infor SunSystems environment is the central repository of your company’s confidential financial data and as such needs protection at all times. With the proliferation of persistent and advanced cyber threats, it is imperative that your data is protected by enterprise-level security from both within and outside of your company. Stored in the cloud, Azure provides an extra layer of security by ensuring your data is adequately protected, providing access only to people with the right permissions and tracking usages of the system.

Microsoft Azure meets the rigid requirements of industry compliance standards, adhering to strict security control and policies. This means your Infor SunSystems will run from the most robust, certified, hyper-scale data centre in the world, with PCI/DSS compliance, ISO 27001, GDPR and many more. This means that your system complies with national and regional compliance requirements and adheres to strict security controls and policies. More about Microsoft’s Compliance in this page.

Leverage a Managed Service for greater support, uptime, and performance

Leveraging a Managed Service Provider such as Professional Advantage provides an extra layer of support for your Infor SunSystems’ environment and your IT team. Our managed services deliver a proactive approach to ensuring the overall health of your SunSystems application in the cloud. This ensures your systems are optimally managed and maintained by a dedicated team of specialists with years of experience in troubleshooting and maintaining Infor SunSystems platforms. Having a Managed Service partner also provides your business users with a single point of contact for support, thereby allowing your IT teams to focus on more critical matters.

Is ‘now’ the right time?

With all of these benefits, will now be a good time to consider moving your Infor SunSystems to the cloud? I’d say yes! Start taking advantage of lower license and maintenance costs, better-secured environment and flexibility on your business’ needs when you move your Infor SunSystems to Azure today. Talk to us by calling 1800 126 499 to organise a 1-hour Discovery Workshop or leave your comment below for questions or clarifications.

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