How membership-based organisations are improving their reporting efficacy with Power BI


Having immediate access to data-based insights that can drive action in membership-based organisations may be easier said than done. What makes this such a complex goal?

It’s customary for membership-based organisations to have multiple systems running independently of each other. Membership databases, event management systems, and accounting and fundraising software are some of the most common. The problem is that the data from these business systems is not connected. Each system has its own data in a silo. Exporting reports from the different systems, then compiling them to produce one view, is time-consuming and an error-prone process.

How Power BI can help.

At Professional Advantage we have helped membership-based organisations bridge this reporting gap between multiple systems with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI enables membership-based organisations to combine data from all the business systems that they use as well as other external or publicly available government data to produce one consolidated view, in one place.

Once the foundational Power BI data model is created, users can tap into the data to create role-based reports and visualisations. As a result, they can understand what is happening in real-time and are able to take the necessary actions based on their role.

In this short demo, we use Power BI to tap into an event-based data set from a CRM system to gather insights about revenue and events. First we look for revenue and engagement trends using AI. Then we gain additional insight by leveraging the built-in machine learning capabilities and the relationships built into the data model. 

Watch this short demo to learn how Power BI can help you improve your organisation’s reporting process.

See it in action 

Would you like to try slicing and dicing this data in Power BI, hands-on? We have published this report to web. You can click here to go to the report.

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