Time to be Upbeat about your membership profiling


Your professional association’s event was clearly a success. You only need to point to the hundreds of people that attended, the way the room stayed full throughout the day and the feedback you received.

You also know that there’s going to be a grind tomorrow, because the sponsors are expecting a breakdown of the attendees with analysis of how those individuals fit the sponsors’ aims. Since next year’s sponsorship depends on demonstrating the value of the event, it’s a must-do task, and you’ll be working in a spreadsheet. Yes, it really is going to be a grind.

Such things can no longer be left to spreadsheets, especially when those members probably exist in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, when your performance shows up in a finance system, and when advanced marketing is what sets the truly professional association apart from its peers.

As an end-to-end solution for professional associations, not for profits, event organisers, and government bodies, Upbeat from Professional Advantage brings together a full, 360-degree view of everyone the organisation interacts with.

Constituents are the lifeblood of the sector, whether they’re attending your event, donating to an important fundraising drive, or renewing a membership.

For example, look at a quite simple capability, such as Upbeat’s instant access to your top-twenty or bottom-twenty members. The business decision that matters is whether marketing should focus on the most active or least active members. However, you can only make that decision if you know who they are.

We also understand that Upbeat’s customers don’t want a long, slow implementation that creates a demanding, stand-alone system. Upbeat is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, and works natively within other Microsoft products such as Outlook, to give a not-for-profit or professional association straightforward access to a full view of their members, wherever they need it.

And with a good profile of the members and non-members that attended your event, you’ll not only be able to demonstrate your value to your sponsors, you’ll also have a much better chance of crafting your next event to be a success!

You can read more about Professional Advantage and Upbeat here.

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