Why should you consider moving your Dynamics GP support to Professional Advantage?


You may well believe that your current support partner is meeting your needs in an acceptable way. But what if your needs were met in a way that exceeded your expectations? What if you didn’t know you needed something until you had it?

There are great support partners out there, but there are also mediocre ones, and it’s often not until this difference is highlighted to an organisation that they realise there might just be something better out there for them.

On the six-month anniversary of a client transferring their support to Professional Advantage, we asked them about their experience.


Why did you decide to transfer your Dynamics GP support to Professional Advantage?

We were unimpressed with our previous service provider. Whilst they had completed a few training sessions with us, we still had lots of questions and they never seemed to be answered. There were issues that kept arising, and there were some issues that we were being charged for that we didn’t think was fair.
We had been talking with Professional Advantage for some time, and the longevity of this contact was actually a big reason for choosing PA. In the end, they just followed up at the right time, and delivered!

How would you describe your overall experience with transferring your support to PA?

Overall, 10 out of 10! PA hasn’t been too pushy or forceful with anything, and the investment of time from our key initial contacts within PA has been really appreciated.
When working with a PA consultant, we were really impressed with their knowledge; they had previously been an accountant so knowing they had accounting knowledge gave us comfort.

What advice would you give anyone contemplating transferring their Dynamics GP support services to PA?

Do it!

Closing thoughts?

Realistically, unless someone is given a valid reason to change, there is no compelling motive to do so. It is important for PA to demonstrate, and potential clients to understand, the clear benefits or reasons for choosing Professional Advantage.

One of the benefits that relates to us includes their offering of Office 365; we are already planning a migration to Office 365 in with PA.

If you have been wondering if your Dynamics GP support may indeed be mediocre, reach out and have a discussion with our support transition experts about what our Dynamics GP support is like.
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