Should SharePoint support matter?


So you have implemented Microsoft SharePoint for your intranet, content management or document management system and everything is running smoothly. Most organisations would think they are fine because everything is working and there is nothing else they need to do. Until something unexpected happens to their SharePoint environment.

Technical glitches can happen even to the best and well-implemented SharePoint projects, sometimes just right after successfully launching it or when the warranty has already lapsed. It spans from a simple sync issue to the inability to access the system for unknown reasons to the more complex and disastrous ones like data breaches or malware attacks.

So how do you ensure that your SharePoint environment will continue to run smoothly? How do you ascertain that your system is up to date and secured all the time?

It is essential that you have a proactive support system in place that makes sure your SharePoint environment is at its peak health and performance level. When you have a dedicated support team on stand by to oversee your SharePoint environment, you can expect to have:

#01 Dedicated and larger team of experts to resolve your issues

You can leverage on a dedicated support team that has rich, practical SharePoint experience to analyse even the trickiest issues and find the best solutions. You never have to worry about the deep expertise needed or internal bandwidth to provide timely support to your users with a SharePoint support service in place.

#02 Proactive monitoring of your SharePoint environment’s health and performance

A dedicated team can perform health checks on a regular basis using advanced monitoring and management tools. These tools can detect odd patterns, potential issues or risks which alert the support team to investigate further or fix before you even know about it.

#03 Strategic SharePoint platform consulting

Beyond the usual support access via customer service, there are certain support and maintenance requirements that need strategic consulting to be involved. Configurations specific to your organisation’s business processes and preferences such as look and feel, custom development or custom workflows and even upcoming updates are few of the things that a strategic SharePoint consulting can assist your team with.

Keen to place a proactive SharePoint support for your business? Let’s help you get started.

Don’t wait for SharePoint issues to become a major headache for you and your users. If you’d like to explore on how you can get started on a stable SharePoint support plan, contact your Professional Advantage account manager to learn more.

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