Supercharge your HR, sales and marketing teams with SharePoint and Office 365


Departments that have many paper-based transactions and business processes like HR, sales and marketing can be prone to a lot of bottlenecks. Not having a single place to store the latest versions of documents or files, not having an automated way to approve certain processes or having to chase people for feedbacks all the time are just few of the sure fire ways to drain productivity out of anyone.

There are many ways by which automating certain business processes can solve major productivity showstoppers in an organisation. An enterprise content and collaboration solution like Microsoft SharePoint partnered with Office 365 apps can help solve these business issues.

Read on as I show you how you can supercharge your HR, sales and marketing using SharePoint and Office 365.

Onboard a new staff member the modern way

Not many appreciate the complex internal processes behind a new starter’s superb first day in the office. Any HR staff would want their new employee to have their workstation, PC and other paperwork ready before their first day. But sadly, many of us would have experienced a time in our careers where we don’t even have a chair to sit on, an office email account prepared in advance or an induction scheduled ahead of time. Without a system to organise the onboarding process, coordinating with finance, IT or hiring managers will be challenging for HR.

A modern HR can harness the power of cloud-based productivity platforms such as SharePoint and Office 365 to streamline and speed up the onboarding process effectively.

Watch this 10-minute video to see how SharePoint allows HR to:

  • Streamline onboarding process and ensure accountability from different teams
  • Secure confidential employee documents through built-in security features such as Data Loss Prevention and Information Rights Management
  • Measure employee’s understanding of the training through online quizzes using Office Mix
  • Provide staff with unique, interactive ways of finding information through FAQ Chatbots


Get your marketing team to stay organised and save time

With a lot of digital content, event activity and internal communications to manage, marketing departments benefit well from using SharePoint and Office 365 content management features and functions. Like HR, marketing can benefit from streamlining campaign activity and organising digital content with an intranet portal and mobile app. With many marketers frequently on the go, a mobile app powered by PowerApps can make a marketers’ life a lot easier. You can log and approve job requests anytime, anywhere using your favourite device and keep everyone in the loop with centralised internal communications via SharePoint’s Newsfeeds and Announcements.

Watch this 7-minute video to see how SharePoint will allow your marketing team to:

  • Access your intranet through any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Easily surface any digital marketing asset
  • Log and approve of job requests through your mobile device
  • Communicate to everyone in the business of latest news and activities

Improve your sales team’s collaborative effort

SharePoint is one of the smartest platforms available to consolidate functionalities for document and content management, collaboration and communication and it has been made even more robust with the availability of Microsoft Teams. Teams provides your salespeople with an app to access their proposals, keep track of tasks, collaborate with other groups on proposals, or create online notes—all in one easy to use workspace.

Watch this 7-minute video to learn how Office 365 can help your Sales team to:

  • Capture knowledge from across the business using Microsoft Teams
  • Track all work, tasks, notes and deadlines using Planner
  • Foster team collaboration in an easy to use team workspace
  • Your files, notes, tasks, chat and other activities in one unified interface

These are just a few simple ways for you to supercharge productivity for your teams.

Have you used SharePoint and Office 365 differently to become more efficient with your HR, sales and marketing activities? Share with us what innovative ways you’ve adopted by leaving a comment below.

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