The next release of Microsoft’s most robust ERP solution, Dynamics AX 7, is only a few months away. Ever since Microsoft made the announcement back in May, customers have asked us if they should upgrade.

It’s no surprise that users are curious about Dynamics AX 7, as it’s the first major release since Dynamics AX 2012 R3 last year. And as you might expect, some major changes are on the way.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the things to expect from Dynamics AX 7.


A completely reimagined user experience

If you’ve looked at previews of Dynamics AX 7 online, you may have noticed that the user experience is nothing like that of previous versions.

A web-based interface has replaced the old Windows Client, and while the underlying functionality is similar, information is presented in a new and different way.

Users can view to-do tasks, urgent items and other work-related activities on coloured tiles. They can record and annotate tasks, or even link two browsers together to collaborate side-by-side.


Real-time insights without paying for BI software

One of the challenges of using enterprise-grade products like Dynamics AX 7, is that it’s not always easy to review and report on data.

Dynamics AX collects valuable operational data but insights into it are generally only revealed with the right business intelligence (BI) software. Add to this the challenge of needing oversight across multiple systems…

This is about to change. The latest release of Dynamics AX, will ultimately come with an inbuilt BI solution – Microsoft Power BI. Customers will no longer need to purchase additional BI products to combine, analyse and report on not only Dynamics AX data but data from other areas of the business as well.

This means organisation-wide data will automatically be presented in a useable and flexible format within Dynamics AX, saving organisations time and money.

Microsoft says that Dynamics AX 7’s BI component  will provide real-time insights and intelligence on most devices, help businesses redesign their business processes and give organisations the flexibility to grow at their own pace.


How to tell if Dynamics AX 7 is right for your organisation

If your organisation is looking for a proven, cloud-based ERP solution with inbuilt BI, Dynamics AX 7 is the product for you.

For existing Dynamics AX customers that may just be looking for more powerful BI capabilities, then you might not need to upgrade.


Get business intelligence without upgrading to Dynamics AX 7

Did you know that it’s possible to integrate BI software with Dynamics AX, for a fraction of the cost of an upgrade?

By combining enhanced role centre features with a BI tool such as Microsoft Power View, Professional Advantage can go some way towards replicating Dynamics AX 7’s BI functionality in older versions of the product. You get all of the benefits of an in-built BI solution, with none of the hassles of upgrading.


To find out more about Dynamics AX 7, or to learn how to integrate BI software with your existing Dynamics AX environment, contact Professional Advantage today. Call us on 1800 126 499. 

You can read more about Professional Advantage and Microsoft Dynamics AX here, or Power BI here.

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