These days everyone is using the internet and mobile devices for communication, personal purchase decision making and day to day personal life management.   We have technology at our fingertips and we expect instant access to information regardless of where we are.

However, the adoption of mobile business intelligence in the business environment is still lagging behind.

The underlying technology is there and organisations are recognising the importance of providing business users with relevant information when they need it, regardless of their location. Yet many organisations still hesitate to embark on mobile business intelligence programs. There are many unfounded myths about mobile business intelligence. These include: that mobile business intelligence is too difficult to deploy; that it is hard to use and manage; that information is not secure or that it is too expensive to provide. The organisations that buy into these myths are missing out on opportunities to improve their operational performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Introducing mobile business intelligence capabilities to your organisation does not have to be hard or expensive. If you chose the right solution with the right capabilities, you can easily empower your business users with the ability to access and interact with timely and accurate business information anytime and anywhere, from their desktops to smart phones or tablets.

Mobile business intelligence is not a new concept and there are many providers in the market place claiming to have superior platforms for mobile reporting and analysis. Choosing the right solution is not easy. I have seen a number of organisations that ended up with multiple business intelligence platforms while trying to meet user demands for instant information.

I like QlikView’s approach to mobile business intelligence. First of all, QlikView does not use mobile business intelligence as a replacement for desktop access. Mobile capabilities are in addition to desktop access.  This philosophy is important because the use of mobile devices is about freedom to go anywhere and be productive. However users still expect the same engaging, simple to use interface and consistent experience regardless of the device they use.  And because they are using corporate information they also require an enterprise-proven architecture and security.

QlikView provides a platform that gives flexible access to information for business users but it also meets IT requirements such as security, manageability and scalability.

Developing analytical applications for use by multiple devices is simple in QlikView. The mobile application rendering is built into QlikView server. A single application hosted on your QlikView server is delivered across platforms with no additional configuration or development. It just works.  No additional purchase for mobile components or licences is required.  And the server manages user authentication and data access seamlessly across any client.

QlikView mobile delivers the same user experience on any device. The touch functionality is simple and consistent with what your users expect.

 You can read more about Professional Advantage and QlikView here.

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