Another month passes, and a calendar reminder alerts Sue Morgan that the week-long ritual of report generation must commence. Managers are beating their drums, impatient to receive the fruits of her labour. Sue hears their drums of impatience, but the ritual has its steps and the results can come no sooner.

Time passes and management cast their eyes over the offerings of figures and charts. Questions are raised and Sue is called back to respond to their queries, each taking two days to complete. Less senior staff also raise their queries enthusiastically trying to improve the business, but to no avail. Sue is now overloaded with work and the company can’t justify having another person cover the report query task shortfall.

The above ritual is played out in many organisations, and whilst the resulting reports may be insightful, the delay in getting them means the decisions made may be out of date, and the cost to put them together is significant.

As the business evolves, a generic business intelligence solution is added to the mix. Now reports come a lot quicker and the common queries are addressed with near instant results. As a result, Sue can address more of the unusual queries, each still taking a few days to turn around.

If only managers could view and interrogate the reports on their own, regardless of where they are or what direction they want to drill down into the data. Then all queries would be instant and Sue could pursue more useful tasks.

This is where QlikView enters the story. With QlikView you get the advantages of a business intelligence tool, but without the initial and ongoing costs and limitations. Added to that, Professional Advantage’s extensive experience designing and deploying such solutions also ensures you get the most from the deployed solution, without any implementation cost blow-outs.

QlikView is all about simplifying decisions for everyone regardless of where they are. That’s one reason QlikView was the only company to make it in the Gartner magic quadrant for Data Discovery in 2011.

You can read more about Professional Advantage and QlikView here.

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