If you’re a regular BOARD software user, you’re probably familiar with product features like visualisations, profitability modelling and forecasting tools.

These features are great for providing a holistic view of your company’s performance. They also provide confidence that your data is consistent, relevant and auditable.

Now there’s a new feature to test out. BOARD International released BOARD version 10 last month. It’s packed with new features, but the one we like most is Data Fast Track.

Data Fast Track adds powerful functionality to BOARD 10. Best of all, it is built as an additional BOARD capability, not as an add-on product.

But what exactly is Data Fast Track? And how can it help your organisation use information more effectively? Read on to find out.


  1. Why Data Fast Track?

Data Fast Track brings self-service data modeling to BOARD for the first time. This means that business users can easily connect to any data source, create data models and run visual analyses from raw data in as few as four clicks.

While BOARD 10 still has the functionality you’d expect from an enterprise-class BI and CPM tool, Data Fast Track gives business users the ability to become their own data analysts.


  1. Who can use Data Fast Track?

Data Fast Track is for business users and business analysts using a Power User license (or higher). Business analysts can use the tool for fast prototyping, while business users benefit from self-service data discovery.


  1. What are the key functionalities?

With Data Fast Track, you can:

  • Load a data set and analyse it immediately from an Excel or CSV file, an SQL table/view or sources like open data, cloud and big data
  • Automate data modelling, blending, loading and mash-ups of data from different sources
  • Get automatic recognition of cubes, dimensions and hierarchies
  • Manipulate data in an Excel-like environment


  1. How does it work?

Once you select a file or a dataset in BOARD, Data Fast Track automatically discovers codes, measures, descriptions, dimensions and hierarchies.

Data is immediately displayed for editing, easy review and manipulation using formulas.

Data Fast Track incorporates learning: synonyms, mappings are shared and reused. It loads data into a BOARD database and automatically creates a screen with suggested analysis.

You can then add as much information as you need to reveal valuable and relevant business insights and drive your strategy with a solid evidence base.


  1. When would I use Data Fast Track?

There are two main situations in which a BOARD user would use Data Fast Track. The first is to create a new database and immediately analyse the blended data from scratch. The second is to enrich an existing database by blending a new data set with the existing model.


How to find out more

If you’d like to find out more about BOARD and Data Fast Track, register for Professional Advantage’s FREE webinar on Wednesday 16 March 2016.


You can read more about Professional Advantage and BOARD here.
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