Enterprise software analyst firm BARC has just released its latest planning survey findings. Of the 13 planning systems analysed this year, BOARD has emerged as the clear frontrunner.

The all-in-one business intelligence and corporate performance management platform was voted best for planning functionality. It also ranked highly for capabilities including:

  • integrated reporting
  • analytics
  • flexibility
  • self-service.

BOARD was the tool most frequently considered for purchase by performance management specialists.

So, what is it that makes Board great? Let’s take a look at the top five reasons BOARD is a compelling alternative to other planning and forecasting tools.


  1. Planning, reporting and BI functionality in one single product

BOARD combines planning, reporting and BI capabilities in a consistent and integrated environment. This eliminates the need for multiple planning, reporting and BI tools, which reduces software and training costs. And since users only need to learn one product instead of many, user adoption rates are high.

According to BARC’s survey authors, “Having all of this functionality in one single product is more beneficial than using a combination of several products for decision makers to paint the whole picture.”


  1. Common planning and BI difficulties aren’t a problem for BOARD users

I’ve seen organisations eliminate some of their biggest planning, reporting and BI headaches by moving to BOARD. BARC’s survey findings suggest that these are not isolated cases.

“Common issues in planning and BI projects such as a lack of planning-specific functionality, handling a large number of users or data volumes and inflexibility do not seem to be a problem for BOARD users,” the survey authors wrote.

Around 47 per cent of BOARD users report no significant problems with the product, while 59 per cent would recommend the product to others.
The table below compares problems encountered by BOARD and Excel users. As you can see, Excel users experience far more problems, far more frequently, than BOARD users.


Problems encountered by BOARD and Excel users


  1. Few products do planning better

Although BOARD software can do much more than planning, it comfortably outranks all surveyed competitors when it comes to planning functionality.

Planning functionality


This is in part due to BOARDs industry-leading technical capabilities, including data allocation, simulation and workflows. Ease of use for developers and users also plays a role, as users can perform many planning tasks without support from IT.


  1. Top ranked for flexibility

As the pace of business increases, organisations want agile, flexible platforms that can respond to change quickly.

With an integrated toolkit and the ability for users to create customised applications with no programming skills, BOARD delivers on this need. In fact, the BARC survey found flexibility to be one of the main reasons organisations chose BOARD over other products.




  1. Self-service tools that non-programmers can actually use

In recent versions, BOARD has improved self-service functionality so that users can create planning models, forms and rules without IT support.

The release of BOARD 10, for example, introduced Data Fast Track to bring self-service data modeling to BOARD for the first time. My colleague, Alberto, has written a blog post discussing Data Fast Track  in more detail.

These improvements are reflected in BOARDs strong rankings for self-service.


Self service



BARC’s Planning Survey 16 confirms that there’s something special about BOARD. Whether you’re looking for a more powerful planning and forecasting solution or want to consolidate CPM and BI, it could be the solution for you.


Find out more and download the BARC report for BOARD software.

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