Working with customers to close a sale has become more challenging in the digital age. Customers are wiser when it comes to choosing providers as they can easily find content online that allows them to better understand their needs. A typical pre-purchase search will bring up product information, price comparison, user reviews, and competitive statements. Sales is no longer purely about submitting proposals and time spent talking with customers; it is also about being able to share supporting content that builds trust and confidence in your brand and positions your people as trusted advisors. You need tools that can help your people discover relevant content in the fastest and easiest way possible.

The problem with Office 365

Many users would agree that Office 365 is a great productivity platform. It excels with storing and sharing content, allows you to work on a document or slideware in conjunction with a colleague, and provides quality search results on your content in the cloud. It offers you various means to store your content in multiple SharePoint libraries, OneDrive for Business, Teams and more. However, it falls short when users require targeted content for their needs.

Take the example below; a search in SharePoint turns up with more than two thousand search results. This leads to users getting frustrated at not being able to get to the most suitable content that they really need.

SharePoint Search Result
SharePoint Search Result

If you love using Microsoft Word and Outlook, you are probably aware that Quick Parts (or Autotext) can automate content inserts to your document. Whilst this works for yourself, others in your organisation are unable to benefit from these reusable winning pieces of content as they are stored locally within your Microsoft Office desktop app, a location nobody else has access to.

Any sales or marketing executive will acknowledge that content is king. It is key to inbound marketing and unifies the overall company message to your customers. Despite its importance, and even with enterprise tools like Office 365, sales and marketing teams are still challenged by content that is:

  1. Not accessible or is difficult to find.
  2. Not optimal for the intended purposes.
  3. Not aligned by phases of the selling cycle.
  4. Lacking insight into content effectiveness.

Solving the problem with Qorus

You can solve the problem with finding and personalising reusable content with a simple and easy to use document automation add-in for Office 365 like Qorus. Qorus is a productivity tool that lets you streamline and automate the creation of business-critical documents such as sales proposals, legal documents, contracts, HR application emails, sales pitch presentations, and many more.

This 40-minute webinar shows how you can surface content quickly and easily using Qorus.


In essence, the webinar touches on the key points where your salespeople can benefit from leveraging winning and reusable content with Qorus and Office 365.

A single hub for content sources

Quros allows you to focus on the task at hand by finding the content that you need using a single hub for all of your sources. You do not need to jump from one source to another just to get your hands on the latest templates or forms. Qorus’ Content Hub gives a consolidated view of available sources that you can access, be it in multiple SharePoint libraries, OneDrive for Business or Teams.

Search, insert and personalise all in one place

When you find, insert and personalise content within Quros, you do not have to leave your favourite Microsoft Office apps such as Word, PowerPoint or Outlook. Leveraging on SharePoint’s metadata and using Qorus’ Smart Rules, you can now create documents, presentations, or emails with just a few clicks.

Insight into content effectiveness

Quros offers the ability for you to discover the effectiveness of your content by knowing how others have used it, who used it, to whom it was shared with and how often. This will allow you to understand what top sales performers use to accelerate their closing process.

An Office 365 add-in like Qorus improves the content creation experience for your sales and marketing teams. You save your people and your company time and effort, which can then be dedicated to providing other valuable services that can improve customer relationships, ultimately accelerating their sales performance.

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