You’ve heard of life hacks to improve your fitness, save time on your household chores and stop you from losing your keys. But with the new year in full swing, are you relishing or dreading getting back to work?

The team at Professional Advantage have put together four quick and easy life hacks to start improving your SharePoint environment and start making your work day just a little bit easier this year.


Start recording those training sessions

We’ve all been there, organised a SharePoint training session for our teams, only to need to re-train new employees throughout the year.

This year, start saving yourself some time (and money). With the help of Office365, this just got a whole lot easier. Lync and SharePoint online can now be used to create training videos and embed them into your induction or How to articles. Simply record the session or screen cast with Lync, which now renders recordings as mp4, and then simply drag and drop into your selected library within your SharePoint. Want people to start using these instead of tapping your shoulder? Embed them into your home site or chosen team site simply by using the insert media command on the ribbon.


Is there an app for that?

With SharePoint 2013, there is. Looking for a way to quickly improve your SharePoint? It’s time to visit the SharePoint store. Browse through the store categories, perform a keyword search and even filter through the free or priced apps.

Some of our favourite picks are:

Corporate News App for adding a fast and easy news carousel to your home page

Drive2Office365 for migrating Google Drive documents to your favourite team site

Cascading Lookup to maximise your tagging powers


Revisit your search tool

In a previous blog, we’ve covered some ways of searching and finding information efficiently on your intranet that could save you hours over the year. Now’s the time to revisit your Search tool and check that your settings are optimised for your organisation. SharePoint 2013 will naturally adapt to your organisation’s search habits, however to get the most from your searches you can manually adapt the tool to prioritise preferred results.

Kick those bad search habits. Read our best practice methods for your SharePoint search.


Get your team working

SharePoint is no longer just a document dumping ground. SharePoint has now become a digital workplace, with functionality to support collaboration, team and task management, social feeds and news sites. Have you started taking advantage of this for your workplace?

SharePoint 2013 introduces a brand new service application called the Work Management Service. This lovely service will scour the intranet for all tasks relating to a user and sync them with their My Tasks.

So now you have a central place to track and plan your and your team’s task. You can categorise your tasks, mark them as completed and best of all, synchronise them with Microsoft Outlook! Workflow tasks, team tasks, personal tasks, all come together in one central location and you will never miss a deadline again. Well, I can’t promise that, but you’ll have a much greater chance of staying on top of your tasks for sure. So what are you waiting for? Go to the My Tasks page today. (found either in the blue ribbon next to your picture/name or via your profile page)


Not sure where to start?

Professional Advantage is making your 2015 even easier with their SharePoint out of the box solutions. Grab a module, or a few and start making your SharePoint work for you.
Contact us today to find out more about our ready-made intranet and document management packages.

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