As the move from working in an office to the home continues, online communication tools have become essential to facilitate meetings, collaborate with team members, and house sensitive documents. But are you compromising the security of your organisation with the wrong platform?

We have recently been made aware that organisations have been purchasing Zoom subscriptions when IT already has Microsoft Teams licensed and have simply not yet had the opportunity to roll it out. If you are thinking about rolling out Zoom, you might want to think twice about using it as a corporate platform. 

Organisations like The Australian Defence Department, NASA, and SpaceX have all banned its use for poor security measures, weak encryption practices, and concerns about data routing via China.

A recent quote in the Sydney Morning Herald stated “One of the most visible side effects of Zoom’s popularity has been the rise of ‘Zoom bombers’, or gate crashers who show up unexpectedly in video conferences. Some have reportedly invaded chats to abuse users, insert pornographic content, or share malicious files”. In a blog post on 1stApril, Zoom apologised for incorrectly suggesting its product utilised end-to-end encryption.

Don’t let your business data get compromised by using an unsecured communication platform. Microsoft Teams has built-in data loss prevention, data classification and retention policies, legal hold, and many other capabilities designed for information protection. 

If you would like to learn more about how Microsoft Teams protects your sensitive business data, register to attend our on-demand webinar. But if you want to know more now, please contact us. 

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