Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Version Updates – Advice for Clients

18 APRIL 2023 - 3 MINS READ

The other day a client asked what they should do in preparation for their upcoming version update. It’s a question I’ve been asked by a...

Should I stay or should I go now?

16 AUGUST 2022 - 3 MINS READ

A song title, but also a question regarding your Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central options.Should I stay with Dynamics GP or should...

The Dynamics GP update process

28 JUNE 2022 - 6 MINS READ

Within this blog, we want to talk about applying updates to your Microsoft Dynamics GP System.With the Modern release cycle of Dynamics GP, Microsoft recommends...

Don’t sweat the small stuff

14 JUNE 2022 - 2 MINS READ

Why is it that people can’t see the forest for the trees?A blog from one of our Project Managers.During my many (possibly too many) years...

Software optimisation: Is it still necessary?

7 JUNE 2022 - 5 MINS READ

First, a bit of history.Since the beginning of computing, optimisation has been an important part of writing software. In the very beginning, computers had an...

Bring back best practice

8 MARCH 2022 - 4 MINS READ

One of the promises of a cloud ERP system is that ‘upgrades’ are a thing of the past. Your system will always be ‘on the...

Upgrade or Change


This blog was written by one of our Business Development Managers.Weekly I help organisations tackle this question. It’s a big question and one with many...

Why should you be considering an upgrade?

9 MARCH 2021 - 6 MINS READ

Within this blog, we review some of the reasons to consider an upgrade.It is likely that you have been told that you should be upgrading...

Why upgrade to SunSystems 6.4 v2

5 MAY 2020 - 5 MINS READ

With SunSystems 6.4 now in general release from Infor, it is time to consider what major benefits are available for existing SunSystems clients.Infor has for...

Upgrades: more frequent, more often?


To upgrade or not, that is the question. The large shopping centres know the answer: if you don’t update and refresh shop fit-outs every few...

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