If you have recently considered the question, “should I put my CRM in the cloud”, then this blog is for you. I’ll take you through the reasons for and against hosted CRM in the cloud, and the different choices and considerations available to you. You should find this helps you choose where to locate your business’s CRM system.

Let’s look at the difference choices available to you:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  2. Private cloud hosted Dynamics CRM
  3. Multi-tenant hosted Dynamics CRM
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises

So why would you choose Microsoft CRM Online over a hosted service?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online may well work for you if you don’t need to integrate with other systems, such as your finance or ERP system, and you don’t need integration with call management.

If you can answer no to all of the above, then you could consider Microsoft CRM Online, though there are some further things to consider.

Do you want control over the version of CRM? Do you have in-house skills and the budget to build and maintain the servers and the CRM software? Do you need to create workflow integration with another system? Do you have compliance requirements around data sovereignty, for example confidential information is required to be stored in Australia.

If you can answer no to all of these questions too, then Microsoft CRM Online is probably the best choice for your business.  If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to consider either a hosted service, or an on-premise solution.

So why would you choose private cloud hosted CRM over multi-tennant hosted CRM?

If you have customisation or system integration or the need to control the version of Dynamics CRM, then that automatically discounts a multi-tenant solution.

That leaves you with the choice of private cloud hosted CRM versus an on-premise CRM.

This choice comes down to a couple of key requirements.  Do you need integration with call management or another On-premise solution, and do you have the in-house skills and the budget to build and maintain the servers and the CRM software?

If you can answer no to all of the above, then the best choice is to use a private cloud hosted CRM service.  This type of service will allow you to gain all the benefits of Microsoft CRM Online, with control over the version and the upgrade cycle, more flexible integration with other systems, no technical skills to design, build and manage the hardware or software.

Most importantly, the private cloud hosted CRM gives you the same pay-as-you-go model as Microsoft CRM online, without the restrictions or security concerns of the Microsoft CRM Online service.

If you would like one of our CRM hosting consultants to help you choose the solution for your business, please contact us and we will help you make the right choice for your business.

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