Microsoft has supplied a sales-focused iPad/ Windows Tablet mobile solution for CRM 2013.

This application is free and can be used with any Dynamics CRM Online or on-Premise (with ADFS) implementation. There is no additional configuration work involved to get this running either, as the forms for the normal PC version are utilised. All the functionality available in the PC form is also available on the iPad version.

Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities can all be modified in the iPad/Tablet in this current version to get your sales team started. While the application can’t be modified as yet, I expect subsequent releases will enhance the functionality.

From the PC in the Customisation area we can see that custom entities can be turned on for use in the iPad application. However these do not appear on the standard application menu on the iPad. So the architecture is there ready for future releases of the application.

What does this mean for the future of third party providers such as CWR Mobile? At present, the iPad/tablet application does not work on an iPhone like the CWR product does. However, the reality is that due to the small screen size of a phone, the practical use of the phone as a mobile device for CRM is limited anyway. Only time will tell if Microsoft continue to develop their application to cover such functions as order taking.

Right now the application is easy to use, making it an excellent tool to help user adoption during an initial implementation of Dynamics CRM in a business.

We’ve made a video to show you the Dynamics CRM iPad/Tablet app here.

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