Last year, we highlighted the power of PaperSave with a live webinar series. And now we are bringing the series to life in a blog series. Episode 1 and 2 were covered in the blogs PaperSave’s Document Capture: A Strategy for All Medias and Discover Accounts Payable, Workflow, and OCR within PaperSave respectively.

In the final episode of the PaperSave and Professional Advantage webinar series, we were taken through Capturing (including scanning documents, monitoring email addresses, and drag and drop); benefitted from a recap of OCR and Workflow; and we learned about the enhanced search capability of PaperSave.


PaperSave can capture documents in many ways. One key element of PaperSave capture is monitoring an email address and automatically bringing a document into a workflow. It is one of the most utilised features by our clients. Another way to capture a document is through a PaperSave scan. Find out more on how it works in Tammy’s recorded session below. 

OCR and Workflow:

With OCR, when we capture a document, we are pulling specific values—in the case of an invoice, this may be vendor name, address, and phone numbers—and then validating that information against the GP database to find matching vendor ID, invoice date, and amount, which subsequently populates PaperSave’s profile fields. You can pull in any default information from the vendor card to complete the necessary fields for the AP Transaction.

Then simply utilise Workflow to route the document, streamlining the process. For example, set up your Workflow to send the document to the validation step, for which approvers get a notification; they can approve the document on the go using the web or mobile access; and then the data can be submitted into Dynamics GP for creation of the AP Transaction.

It’s as simple as that!

Watch this short video to discover the seamless integration of PaperSave to Microsoft Dynamics GP, helping you to add, capture, and retrieve documents automatically, saving time and money from your business processes.

PaperSave and Professional Advantage: Episode 3 is still available for you to watch! If you have found any of this content interesting and want to know more, check out the on-demand webinar here.

If you missed anything or need a recap, you can head back to Episode 1 or Episode 2.

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