Microsoft Dynamics 2013 R2 has now been available since May 2014. Having successfully upgraded some of our clients to the latest version, we thought we’d share some of our favourite features.


1. Copy and paste to General Ledger Journal Entry

Users can now have the ability to quickly copy data from an Excel file and paste into the Financial Transaction Entry form.

To do this simply highlight the data in Excel, choose copy and then click the paste button to bring the data. The application will validate the data that is being pasted into the General Ledger and will print a validation error report if any errors are encountered so the end-user can easily correct.


2. SmartList Designer Go Tos

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Go To functionality was added to the SmartList Designer. When a user creates a new SmartList based on an existing SmartList, the GoTos that already exist are copied over to the new list created. When a user creates a new SmartList, three types of GoTos can be added to the new SmartList:  another SmartList , a navigation list or a web page.


3. Reprint Outstanding Transaction in Bank Reconciliation

A new reporting option has been added in Bank Reconciliation. Now, you can print the Outstanding Transactions Report after you have completed your Bank Reconciliation Reconcile process.

When you are keeping reconcile history in Bank Reconciliation, you can reprint the report after you’ve posted your reconciliation. The Outstanding Transactions Report is an option in the Bank Posting Journals report list. This functionality will be available for reconciliation you complete after you update to Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 R2.


4. Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics GP now has a new workflow system. This is fantastic because now it will be easier to deploy, easier to access, and easier to customise.

The workflow design experience is now in a Microsoft Dynamics GP window, replacing the prior Workflow system, and removing the dependency on SharePoint.  This system allows users to design workflows, such as approval paths, for documents in Dynamics GP.

In Microsoft DynamicsGP 2013 R2, four workflow types will be available for use in the new system: Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, Payroll Timecard Approval, and Project Timesheet Approval. Other workflow types will be available in future releases.


5. Identity Management begins

Identity Management will make it easier for users to work in an online world. It will reduce the number of logins when working with the web client, but there is also a broader vision that will be built out in the next few releases to make it more robust. When working with apps and online solutions, it’s common to have multiple logins to authenticate your various devices. With Identity Management we will be able to track and organise your online identity.


If you like the sound of these new features and want to find out more about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 R2 contact Professional Advantage today, call 1800 126 499 or email



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