Microsoft recently released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. In the next few blog posts we are going to take a look under the hood to help you understand some of the new features that are now available. The blog posts will cover features in the general ledger, receivables management, payables management, inventory, purchase order processing, sales order processing, project accounting and field services modules, but for now we are going to focus on what’s new in the Dynamics GP 2013 system manager.

The system manager has added lots of new features to do what a system manager is supposed to do, increase control and boost productivity; speeding up the process of accessing the information that is important to you. With the new system manager you can:

  • Access and utilise Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 over the internet using a web browser from the office, the road or at home.
  • Integrate SSRS reports with various ledgers, meaning users can simply print the reports from particular windows and the reports will display information relevant to the records retrieved on form.
  • Create back orders, picking tickets and packing slips templates in Microsoft Word.
  • Host multiple clients in a hosted environment by selecting various application components where the web service and web client are the initial applications.
  • Select where to print any dexterity report at the point of printing.
  • Use Microsoft Office 64.
  • Have multiple instances of Dynamics GP 2013 on the same SQL server.
  • Run SSRS reports for multiple instances of Dynamics GP 2013from a single SSRS server. Multiple instances of web services from a single web server are also allowed.
  • Protect documents you email with a password to prevent recipients from editing unless granted permission.
  • Save sorted records as a custom view so they don’t need to sort for each lookup, this also applies to any Smartlist.
  • Easily attach scanned documents to various Dynamics GP 2013 windows.

This should give you an overview of what to expect from the new systems manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. If you want to know more, Errol Schoenfish, Director of Product Management at Microsoft Dynamics GP is speaking at our free seminar, ‘Discover the Possibilities’, where he will be discussing where Microsoft’s roadmap for Dynamics GP 2013 is heading. The seminar is being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, details here.

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