During the last quarter of 2020, Professional Advantage (PA) and PaperSave came together to present PaperSave to the PA audience with a highly popular webinar series. Tammy Bower from PaperSave and Michael Foertsch from PA kicked off the webinar series with Episode 1, An introduction to PaperSave and document management.

This introductory webinar gave attendees a little background on PaperSave and what it can do for your organisation, and with tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, PaperSave is considered a natural extension to your working environment.

Three Main Components of PaperSave:

During the event, Tammy discussed the main components of PaperSave and its features. The first key component covered was Document Management, which includes capture, storage, retrieval, security, and retention. PaperSave’s Document Management can help you to manage the documents that support your data inside your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

The next part is Workflow, including streamlining processes, eliminating bottlenecks, and insights into where items are. Workflow electronically routes documents for approval or review.

Finally, we were introduced to AP Transaction Automation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This eliminates manual data entry and data entry errors.

Capturing and Searching documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP using PaperSave:

One of the main highlights of Episode 1 was Tammy’s demonstration on how to Capture and Search for documents using PaperSave.

In the videos below, we take you back to Tammy’s demonstration on Capture, including strategies around capturing important documents including email, scan, PDF, drag and drop, and Outlook and Microsoft Office integration, and Search, with simple search within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Document Capture within Dynamics GP:

Document Search with Security from within Microsoft Dynamics GP:

PaperSave and Professional Advantage: Episode 1 is still available for you to watch! If you have found any of this content interesting and want to know more, check out the on-demand webinar here.

You can continue your PaperSave journey with Episode 2 and Episode 3.

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