Microsoft Dynamics GP2013, the new release of Dynamics GP, is due for release (general availability today). Just in time for Christmas! The online capabilities really take this product into a new realm.

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Dynamics GP 2013.  In the press release, Kirill Tatarinov, president, Microsoft Business Solutions said, “Our December product releases deliver significant value to customers through simple-to-use and easy-to-implement business solutions. This wave of new Microsoft Dynamics’ capabilities, together with Microsoft’s innovative social, mobile, collaboration, productivity and analytics resources, inspires people to do their best work and transform their businesses.”

There are many new features to take in. I’ve counted over eighty but have heard this number is well over one hundred. Some of my personal favourites included:

  1. The ability to associate a smartlist to a lookup window
  2. Reconciliation for inventory and bank reconciliation with the added feature to drill back into Dynamics GP
  3. Applying cash receipts in multi-currency
  4. Suggested sales items (upsell / cross sell style)
  5. More templates available for SOP documents
  6. Transferring assets between companies

For the cloud enthusiasts, the introduction of a multi-tenanted web service capability will continue to push Dynamics GP online. The multi-tenanted capability means that a cloud provider can host more than one customer using a single instance of the application. This gives economies of scale and significantly simplifies the maintenance and support.

When this is combined with the new web client, which enables access from any internet-ready PC using a browser, the online presence of Dynamics GP is significant. Microsoft have been clever here and preserved the same style in the user interface. This encourages user adoption and removes the requirement for additional training.

Blog written by Chris Pennington, Consultant to PA. The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the writer. Content published here does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Professional Advantage Pty Ltd.

Professional Advantage will be making more content available on our website as this becomes available with events being planned across Australia to showcase the new features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP2013. Details will be posted on the Professional Advantage website as they become available.

You can read more about Professional Advantage and Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

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