Microsoft Dynamics GP customers had previously become accustomed to a product licensing arrangement that required them to acquire system components on a module basis. However, in 2015 Microsoft looked to new ways to simplify things and add greater flexibility to the purchasing process.

In a move that enhanced the purchasing experience for Dynamics GP customers, the current licensing model available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and beyond is called the Perpetual Licensing model. Under this model, Dynamics GP can be licensed for up to five core components: The Starter Pack, the Extended Pack, the Full User, the Limited User, and the Self-serve User.

With Perpetual Licensing you have to license both the solution functionality and access to the solution function by your users. The right to install Dynamics GP’s core functionality is licensed via one required pack and one optional pack. For users, the right to access the deployed ERP functionality is licensed through Client Access Licenses (CALs).

The Starter Pack

The required Starter Pack provides core financials and distrbution management capabilities and will help you:

  • Achieve greater control over, and insights in to, your finances.
  • Manage sales items and materials in a distributed environment.
  • Provide licensed users with a single view of the business from almost anywhere and through a variety of devices.

The Starter Pack also includes your first three Full Concurrent CALs. You may find that this Pack is the only one you’ll ever need.

The Extended Pack

This pack adds capabilities that integrate the core financials and distribution management functionality that is included in the Starter Pack.

Full Concurrent CAL

This provides users with full read and full write functionality to all the licensed solution capabilities through any and all means of access, including the Web Client, the Windows Client, the Microsoft SharePoint Client, or any other mode of access going through the API.

Limited Concurrent CAL

This gives users full read but restricted write capabilities to all of the licensed solution functionality. It is subject to some limitations through any and all modes of access including the Windows and Web Clients. The Limited User License aims to provide a lower-cost alternative for extending the solution to users who only need to carry out limited tasks as defined in the Licensing Guide.

Self-Serve User CAL

This allows access to users who only need to view and modify their own employment data and make purchase requests for their own supplies. Self-serve CALs are licensed per individual and are not concurrent. The Self-serve User is only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP using the Perpetual Licensing model.

What it means for you

In creating the Dynamics GP Perpetual Licensing model, Microsoft has made licensing much easier for both current and prospective clients to work out. Rather than have a menu of almost 50 items to select from, as was the case previously, there is now just a handful. Certainly this new way of licensing should make this easier and more accessible for you when you’re looking to implement Dynamics GP.

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