Have you heard of stories where a C-level executive at an organisation mistakenly wire transfers a substantial amount of money to a lookalike but fake account? Or a situation where a company’s operations came to a complete halt for several days because of a data breach?

Cybersecurity incidents like this regularly take place in small businesses, according to this 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, a fact that is unsurprising for the following reasons:

  1. SMBs are less familiar with security best practices.
  2. SMBs are unable to identify, assess, or mitigate security risks.
  3. SMBs do not have a comprehensive set of tools to protect their IT environment.
  4. SMBs are unaware of where to start in terms of digital security strategy.
  5. SMBs have a misperception that they are not a target of any threats.

These situations can be avoided or controlled if small businesses have the tools, methods, or processes in place to mitigate their risks. Here’s how you can start becoming more proactive with securing your corporate assets.

Download this infographic to get a snapshot of the five best practices for cloud security around:

  1. Identity and access control.
  2. Security posture management.
  3. Apps and data security.
  4. Threat protection.
  5. Network security.
DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC – Five Best Practices for Cloud Security.

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