Whether you’re running a business with 10 or 10,000 employees, they most likely all rely on technology to manage the day to day operations. For most organisations, however, supporting the technologies you have in place is never an easy task.

A more streamlined, pre-emptive support arrangement can provide you with all of these and more. By having a dedicated team that’s looking at your systems’ performance while you work, understanding performance trends as they occur and identifying desktop, server and application issues in real time, you’ll achieve better security, quick issue resolution and happier users. You never have to worry about making that support call and wondering if your IT support partner is going to be available to help. A predictive support service fixes the issues before you even know about it!

Here we list the benefits of transitioning from a reactive break/fix model to predictive maintenance with Professional Advantage Platinum Support.

Click here to download the high resolution version of the infographic below.


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