Enhance your Business Central use with keyboard shortcuts

12 JULY 2022

Did you know that there are a host of Dynamics 365 Business Central keyboard shortcuts in action that will streamline your Business Central use?If you...

Keeping the Connection Alive – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

17 MAY 2022 - 1 MIN READ

Inactivity on a connection is when the Business Central client is not sending messages to the Business Central Server.What happens if the session is still...

Release Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

12 APRIL 2022 - 4 MINS READ

Professional Advantage’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Management service is built to manage and assist our clients with the constant development and improvement cycle that...

Keeping the Connection Alive – Microsoft Dynamics GP

15 MARCH 2022 - 1 MIN READ

Within Microsoft Dynamics GP, the majority of the posting process actually occurs on the SQL server rather than on the workstation. At certain intervals in the process, the...

Smart Systems for the modern-day Finance Team


The term Smart Systems is often thrown around by vendors, but what does it really mean for an organisation?To an organisation like Professional Advantage, it means having...

Business Central through the ages

15 JUNE 2021 - 3 MINS READ

There are many people who consider Business Central to be new to the marketplace. Some people even think it’s a brand-new product. But that’s not...

The difference between Business Central and NAV

18 MAY 2021 - 4 MINS READ

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Microsoft that helps businesses manage their data and processes. It connects,...

Why should you be considering an upgrade?

9 MARCH 2021 - 6 MINS READ

Within this blog, we review some of the reasons to consider an upgrade.It is likely that you have been told that you should be upgrading...

5 Core IT applications every company needs


With so many software choices out there today, how do organisations determine which software they need to operate?Like a pyramid, software applications build upon the...

Business Central: tips from a consultant


Our consultants are a wealth of knowledge and experience, so when they can, we like them to share some of this knowledge and experience in...

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