Financial Systems and ERP

Adapting to Software as a Service (SaaS)

30 MAY 2023 - 3 MINS READ

2022 saw us coming out from continuous lockdowns with limited return to the office, if at all. One thing that has not changed is the...

Lock it before you lose it with Dynamics 365 Business Central

9 MAY 2023 - 2 MINS READ

Using EFT to make payments eliminates the hassles and costs of using paper checks, but it introduces new avenues for fraud. While consumers have up...

Payment Times Reporting Scheme with Infor SunSystems


PTRS – Payment Times Reporting Scheme.Are you an organisation with a total annual income of over $100 million? Are you aware of the Payment Times...

Transforming Invoice Processing with PA Intelligent Invoice Capture


Do you receive hundreds of invoices every day, and then manually enter the data into the system I what is a very time-consuming activity? According...

Introduction to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Business Events

26 JULY 2022 - 4 MINS READ

IntroductionBusiness Events provides a mechanism which lets external systems receive notifications in near real time from Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain. The external systems...

Enhance your Business Central use with keyboard shortcuts

12 JULY 2022

Did you know that there are a host of Dynamics 365 Business Central keyboard shortcuts in action that will streamline your Business Central use?If you...

The Dynamics GP update process

28 JUNE 2022 - 6 MINS READ

Within this blog, we want to talk about applying updates to your Microsoft Dynamics GP System.With the Modern release cycle of Dynamics GP, Microsoft recommends...

Keeping the Connection Alive – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

17 MAY 2022 - 1 MIN READ

Inactivity on a connection is when the Business Central client is not sending messages to the Business Central Server.What happens if the session is still...

Power BI for SunSystems v4 and SunSystems v6

10 MAY 2022 - 2 MINS READ

Microsoft Power BI is taking the world by storm and is democratising the ability to create, generate, and consume business intelligence across an organisation.But what...

Release Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

12 APRIL 2022 - 4 MINS READ

Professional Advantage’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Management service is built to manage and assist our clients with the constant development and improvement cycle that...

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